Seachange – Breakfast & Lunch MenuSeaChange cafe is famous for their breakfast with Sydneysiders.  We have been told that people returning from overseas have requested to drive straight to SeaChange from the airport for our “Californian”.  –  That’s great :)

Breakfast is available, all day, well until 6pm which is late enough for most.  Reservations for breakfast can be made but only during the week.  On weekends, come down and give us your mobile number, go for a short walk on the beach, we will call you when your table is ready.

Reservations by email or online are not accepted due to in-house booking conflicts, sorry for any inconvenience.

Please download our in-house menu and refer to the breakfast pages for our selections.

Thank you.

** Visits to SeaChange Cafe on public holidays will incur a surcharge on top of the listed prices in this menu.


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