We are proud to say that as of new year’s day 2012 SeaChange has been in existence for over ten years. In that time we have seen a lot change we’ve watched the redevelopment of the beachfront twice. What hasn’t changed however is our commitment in producing the best quality food and coffee Dee Why has to offer. What started as a small fish and meat grill serving fresh meats from an open display that has evolved into something of a Dee Why institution.

Not a weekend morning goes by without a fully packet restaurant of customers eagerly awaiting our homemade breakfasts. Whether it be a Dee Why sunrise (crisp bacon, poached eggs and toast drizzled with our famous, housemade hollandaise) a Californian breakfast (grilled fresh salmon, housemade potato rosti, eggs, toast, and our ‘rocket and tomato toss’ dressed in a zingy lemon myrtle dressing) or a simple Muesli and yogurt (also made in-house with honey roasted oats, seeds, grains, dried fruit and coconut), our customers never go away displeased. On these mornings it’s pretty energetic. The air buzzes with conversation and laughter. Bob Marley blasts through the sound system, and it’s not uncommon to find our staff dancing and singing along. Similarly, on a weekday lunch you’ll find mothers groups with their prams, chatting and enjoying a round of coffees. You’ll find businesspeople talking between mouthfuls of a chicken bacon burger, a salt and pepper squid and hoi sin marinated octopus salad, or a bowl of Feijoada (a hearty Brazilian stable of black beans, braised pork, onions and sausage),and uni students popping in for take away Acai.

It’s a meeting place, a place where mothers and daughters have been meeting for years, where couples have meet and birthdays are routinely celebrated. I have personally watched regular customers become pregnant, bring their new born children in for their first ‘SeaChange breakfast’, and grown to school age. This is the thing about SeaChange. There’s target demographic. There’s no specific marketing or perfect customer. It’s all word of mouth, everyone is welcome. Being a small business has given us this privilege. It’s allowed us to get involved with our customers and become, even if in a very small way, a part of their lives. In the evenings it’s a more mellow affair. The pace slows down. We put on some chilled out music and give our customers time to choose between a thick cut of top rump picana beef (coated with oregano and rock salt, and cooked over our char grill), a juicy piece of blackened salmon (coated with a cajan spice blend and grilled in butter) or an old school fish and chips (battered and fried till crispy). These are the nights when customers linger over several bottles of wine and chat into the night. There’s no pressure to leave. There are only friends and family and several courses of food.

This is why we’re here, to create an environment where food and wine and conversation can be enjoyed in equal measure. If you’re a regular customer already, then you know what this is about. If it’s your first time, we’ll work hard to give the best possible experience. We work hard at creating this environment, and are proud of what we’ve achieved. We hope to be doing it for many years to come.

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